Where To Begin?


It has been a crazy busy week for this missionary couple. As I told you last week, on Monday, we picked up the Downeys from the airport. On Tuesday, we spent the day dealing with and exploring a decision I’ll tell you about in just a minute. Wednesday was “catch up” day as Jason got on the phone, and I got on the computer to try and get done as much ministry-related work as possible. On Thursday, we went to my sister’s house in the early afternoon for a 4th of July celebration, then hurried over to our church, where we hosted another 4th of July party for the Downeys and their family. By the time we got home late Thursday night, we had one frazzled pup who required us to stay up for another hour or so to comfort him. By Friday, I needed a day of recovery and a trip to the chiropractor (I wish I was joking). It was an insanely busy but exciting week!

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to be part of a mission-emphasis Sunday with Gethsemane Baptist Church. The church invited us, the Downeys, and the Couch family (missionaries to Chile and Tennille Downey’s parents) to be with them in the morning service and to attend a meal afterward. It was a thrilling time of fellowship, and we were honored to be a part of the meeting.

Sunday evening, we worshiped with the good people of Victory Chapel Baptist Church. Honestly, it was one of the warmest welcomes we’ve received since beginning our deputation. The people were very friendly and engaging, asking lots of questions about our mission work and the field of Wales. After the evening service, the church treated us to a meal where we were able to fellowship more with the pastor and other church members, including a lady I went to high school with. Small world, huh?

Now, for our exciting news. After much prayer and counsel, we have decided to sell our home and purchase an RV. Now that Jason is free from his employment, we are wanting to step “all in” on our deputation journey, and we feel this is the best way to accomplish that. Ideally, we would love to purchase the RV we want, live in it while we prepare the house for sale, then sell the house, but we do not have the financial means to make that work. That being the case, we will need to move into the basement of Jason’s parent’s home while we ready the house for sale. Then, once the house sells, we’ll have the money to purchase the RV.

As you can imagine, we have a lot of work ahead of us, and we truly covet your prayers. Our hope is to be able to make this transition as quickly and smoothly as possible while still maintaining our current deputation schedule. The prospect—though exciting—is a little daunting, but we know all things are possible with God, and we’re trusting in His provision to see us through. Again, though, we do ask you to pray that God will give us the strength, energy, and wisdom to proceed as He wills.

As always, thank you for your love, prayer and support. We are so blessed to have so many people standing in the gap for us. We love you all!