Working on a Building

There’s an old bluegrass song entitled Working on a Building. For obvious reasons, that song has been stuck in my head over the past week or so. As I mentioned in our last update, we’re updating our house to prepare it for sale. We were able to move into my in-laws’ basement last week as planned, and then the real work on the house began. Jason started the process of scraping and sanding ceilings while I worked to pack up nineteen years worth of stuff. It’s been an adventure, let me tell you.

In between working on the house and commuting back and forth, we’ve done a fair bit of drop-ins at local churches. It’s been such a joy to make new friends and worship with brothers and sisters in Christ, and we’re looking forward to being able to do much more of that once we’re living in the motorhome and traveling full time.

We were hoping to spend a lot of time with the Downeys while they’re home on furlough, but our home renovations have taken up the majority of our time. We have gotten together with them a few times, and they even came over to the house one day to help us pack and move some heavy items. Lord willing, we’ll be able to carve out some more time to spend with them before they go back to Wales at the end of August.

We have had a couple more churches indicate they are considering taking us on for support, so we praise the Lord for that. It’s such a joy to watch Him work in our lives and provide for us in ways we never even imagined.

Well, I need to work on our monthly prayer letter, so I’ll leave this update a little shorter than usual. (Besides, I’m too tired to think straight!)

God bless you, and as always, thank you for your love, prayers, and support.