Spiritual Housecleaning: Discontentment

There's nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, but when we reach the point of discontentment, other problems are near..png

Boy, this is a hard one for me! I grew up thinking that if I did right and worked hard that I would have the life of my dreams. I didn't realize nightmares were included. Don't get me wrong. I am blessed. I have the man of my dreams who treats me like a queen. I have a rotten dog who lovea me unconditionally. I have a wonderful family and some great friends. I have a roof over my head and shoes on my feet. Still, I find myself wanting more. I want more than just to work from home. I actually want to be able to make a living at it. I have so much, yet I catch myself always wishing for more. Why?

I'm discontent. I'm not convinced I have all I need. I'm not satisfied with what the Lord has allowed me to have. This can lead to a life of bitterness and unthankfulness (which we'll be talking about a little later). There's nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, but when we reach the point of discontentment, other problems are near.

It's hard to not want more, isn't it? It's easy to compare ourselves to others. It's hard to work your tail off day after day and feel like you receive no reward or recognition for your efforts. It's hard to keep following the Lord's will when it seems like it's running you into a place you have no desire to go. I want more time, more energy, more money. I want more!

Again, wanting is not necessarily the problem. The problem occurs when wanting leads to envy, distraction, bitterness, or unthankfulness, which it is bound to do if we leave it unchecked. As we go about our spiritual cleaning, we need to be sure to deal with any issues of discontentment. If we're unhappy about something, all we need to do is take it to the Lord. From there, it's His decision whether or not we can have it. Whether He says "yes," "no," or "wait," the decision is no longer in our Hands, and we can be sure His will is done.

As with pride, discontentment can visit us day after day, so dealing with it will be a continuous process. There is no "one-time fix" for discontentment. It will be a daily battle, but if we deal with it faithfully, maybe one day we'll be able to say like Paul, Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. (Philippians 4:11)

*For more information on discontentment, check out my book, The Deadly Darts of the Devil.

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