But I'm Already So Tired -- An Excerpt from Rise Up and Build Study Guide

Key verse:

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. - Galatians 6:9

Recommended Reading:

Rise Up and Build: A Biblical Approach to Dealing with Anxiety and Depression

pp. 27b-29a

Inspiration for the Day: 

Last night, due to my husband’s crazy work schedule and a sick doggie, I didn’t get much sleep. I don’t function well on little sleep—not well at all!

As I stumbled around the house this morning, I noticed several things. I was hungry, thirsty and achy. I had visions of chocolate donuts and Pepsi dancing in my head. I even told my husband, Jason, "I'd give my right arm this morning for some caffeine." I was joking, of course, but I can't deny the cravings were there.

As I thought about this, I remembered reading once how when our bodies are tired, they will crave other things to make up for the lack. My body wasn't really hungry or thirsty (although, I believe it was achy). My body was tired, and no matter how many donuts I ate or sodas I drank, my body would still be tired. Why? Because I'm not giving it what it needs. It needs sleep. Lots and lots of sleep! While food and drink may offer a temporary pick-me-up, they will not fulfill the deeper craving.

I wonder how many times we try to stuff our lives with things to fill the void, knowing deep down that only God can fill that emptiness. I'm not just talking about salvation, but even in the Christian walk, it's possible to meet our cravings without meeting our need. Our spirit craves time with God, but we're too busy to make that happen. Our spirit craves spiritual bread from the Word, but instead, we fill it with television and internet. It's no wonder something always seems to be missing. There's a place in our hearts and lives that only God can fill. It's time we stop trying to stuff it full of other things and start giving ourselves what we truly need.

Discussion Questions: 

1. Describe how you're feeling at this moment. Are you suffering physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually? Be specific.

2. Many people refuse to embark on a journey such as this because they claim they cannot spare the time, money or energy. How much is it worth to you to feel better? If you could purchase a guaranteed cure for your anxiety and depression, how much would you be willing to pay? If you knew for sure that every moment spent on your health was reaping good rewards, how many minutes per day would you be willing to spend?

3. Do you spend time and energy on things that are adding to your anxiety and depression instead of spending that time and energy on things that would remedy them? To what items, activities or people are you turning to fill the void in your life?

4. Are there “to-do’s” in your life that you are doing out of obligation or a desire for approval? Is removing these things an option? Make a list of draining activities you could remove from your life to make more room for the things that truly matter.

Action Step: 

Set a timer for ten minutes and spend that time creating a plan that will allow you to get more rest and still have more time for implementing the practices in the

Rise Up and Build

book to treat your anxiety and depression. This may require giving up some television or computer time, and you must decide whether it’s worth it to you. Be sure to create a plan you can stick with long term.