A Cart, A Cart, My Kingdom for a Cart! - A Repost

Today I had to pick up some supplies for a wedding with which I'm helping.  The trip was supposed to be relatively simple.  Pick up the wooden bases for the lanterns and some small flameless candles. . . and possibly some ribbon. . .and maybe some floral supplies if they were on sale. . . and. . . and.  As I entered the store, I had it in my mind that I only needed a couple of things, so I bypassed the shopping carts.  After all, I didn't need one for the few things I was picking up.

Unfortunately, a few minutes later, I was standing in the ribbon aisle with a box of candles under one arm, four lantern bases under the other, along with some rolls of burlap.  On each finger I was wearing a roll of ribbon, some sapphire, other emerald.  Knowing that I had better check out or get a cart, I decided to head to the register, but as I did, I noticed some raffia at a good price and remembered that I needed that as well.  I eyed the raffia and then the collection of stuff in my arms and wondered if there was any possible way to add the new item to my current load.  Thankfully, after shuffling some things around, I was able to grab the raffia, after which, I hurriedly made my way to the register before I dropped everything.

Naturally, the line was four customers deep. As I stood there, trying to wait patiently, I felt the ribbon shift.  I readjusted in an effort to secure the falling item, but in the process, I ended up with the sharp edge of the wooden bases cutting into my forearm.  I dared not shift again lest it all come tumbling down.  Finally, another register opened up, and I rushed over and dropped everything onto the counter.  My hands were cramped.  My arms had indentations all over them.  And as I exited the store, I eyed the shopping cart and wondered,

Why didn't I just get a cart?  Even if I had only ended up with a few items, this entire experience would have been much more delightful.

You know, I often have the same thought in life.  I march along in my own strength thinking,

I can handle this.  It's not that much

.  But before I realize it, my arms are full and my strength is gone.  I find myself precariously trying to balance everything lest I drop it all.  I take on too much, and then I pay the price.

And all the while God, just like the shopping cart, is standing by, offering help to carry the heavy load.  His hands don't get tired, and they're big enough to carry whatever I need.  He doesn't get overwhelmed by the weight of the burden or bogged down by the immensity of the task.  He's there.  He's available.  All I need to do is ask, yet I find myself doing the very same thing I did with the shopping cart this morning.  I don't know if it's pride or stubbornness or what, but you would think I would know this by now.  God desires to help me.  In fact, He'll carry the entire load if I'll simply let Him.

So, as I end this post today, I am asking myself, "Why don't I let God carry my load?  Even if I only face small troubles today, the entire experience will be much more delightful."

Are you, too, carrying a heavy load today?  If so, may I urge you to call on the One who can lift any burden and carry any load?  Stop struggling and striving to find that perfect balance.   Give it all to Jesus.  Not only will He carry your burdens, but He will also carry you through those burdens.  He longs to help.  Will you disappoint Him?

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: 

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. - I Peter 5:6-7