Who Do You Think I Am? - Our Judge

And the heavens shall declare his righteousness: for God is judge himself. Selah. - Psalm 50:6

Picture with me, if you will, a courtroom.  On one side, the plaintiff sits behind a large wooden desk, a sneer on his face.  The plaintiff is none other than Satan, the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10).  He has an extensive list of accusations to present to the high and holy Judge, God Himself.  On the opposite side of the courtroom, you—the defendant—wiggle in your chair.  You have no case, and you know it.  You're guilty.  You committed those sins, told those lies, omitted that prayer time.  As the Judge enters the courtroom, you sink lower in your chair, dreading those imminent words, "Guilty as charged" and the sentence surely to follow.

Before the proceedings begin, another form enters the courtroom and makes His way to your side.  Smiling at you, He places a reassuring hand on your shoulder and whispers, "Don't fear, child.  I'll take care of this.  I'm here to represent you."  Once your Attorney is seated, the Judge calls for the court to proceed.

Satan gives his opening statement, and then, in a flurry of activity, presents a list of faults.  His witnesses agree with his accusations, and why wouldn't they?  They're true.  By the time he's finished, you're shaking and feel ready to faint.  Turning back toward his seat, he sneers at you once again and mutters to your Attorney, "You're up."

Unruffled by the plaintiff's taunts, Jesus stands and directs His words to the Judge and Him alone.  "If I may, Your Honor, I have something to show the court that will prove this child's innocence and right to be free."

The Judge nods.

You move to the edge of your seat, confused yet curious.  What could this man possibly have that would prove your innocence?  You're not innocent.  Never have been, never will be.  Without a word, Jesus turns to the courtroom and holds out His nail-pierced Hands.  He stands quietly as gasps are heard throughout the room at the sight of the gruesome wounds. Then, with a clear, soft voice, your Attorney turns back to the Judge.  "While my client is not innocent of wrongdoing, I submit to the court that his sentence has already been served.  I paid his debt when I died on the cross for his sins and the sins of all others.  I urge the court to recognize this payment for sins committed and declare my client free."

The courtroom is silent as Jesus returns to His seat.  Satan is now the one wiggling around in his chair.  For the first time since the proceedings began, he looks unsure and unconfident.  The Judge looks down at you and smiles.  "Based on the evidence, I declare you 'Not Guilty.' You are free to go."

"But that's not fair," Satan cries.  The Judge turns to him with eyes of fire, and the plaintiff takes two steps back and lowers his gaze.  "One day," the Judge declares, "I will bear your accusations no more.  Do not forget Who's in charge around here."  And with that, Satan slinks out of the courtroom, leaving you alone to thank your Attorney and the Judge who allowed justice to be done.

What an awesome scene, huh?  While the elements may be fictitious, there is much truth in this story.  Satan is the accuser of the brethren, and He loves nothing better than to point out our faults both to God and to us.  Likewise, Jesus is our Representative.  No matter what we have done or will do, He only has to show that He has already paid the debt for our sins, and God, the Great Judge, has no choice but to proclaim us "Not Guilty."

So, you see, not only is God our Judge, but He is also our defense attorney, and that's still not all.  Isaiah 33:22 tells us,

For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.

 Not only is God the One who enforces the laws, but He's the one who creates them in the first place.  Who better to be the Judge than the one Who made the rules?  This ensures real justice.  There are no loopholes.  We cannot accuse the Judge of misinterpreting the law or misjudging the situation.  How fitting that the One who knows all, sees all and hears all is also the One Who judges all.  And He does judge all.  I know it often seems like many people are getting away with things, but I promise you, there will be a payday.  God is the Judge, and justice will be served!