Who Do You Think I Am? - Our Deliverer

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. - Psalm 18:2

The Bible contains account after account of God's deliverance of His people.  He delivered Israel from Egyptian captivity.  He delivered Daniel from the lion's den.  He delivered Jonah from the belly of the whale.  He delivered David from the giant and the three Hebrew children from the flames.  

Over and over again, we see God interceding on behalf of His children.

The word


, in the Hebrew, means

to (cause to) escape; to carry away safely

.  David, the author of this psalm, had a first-hand knowledge of God the deliverer.  He had many enemies in his life, including wild animals, giants, kings and even his own family.  He knew all too well what it was like to be betrayed, forsaken and in danger.  Despite the fear and depression that followed him around like Mary's little lamb, David could cling to the truth that God was his deliverer.  When he faced Goliath, the young boy thought back to how God had delivered him from the lion and the bear.  When he met up with his blood-thirsty son, he remembered how God had delivered him from Saul.

 In David's mind, if God had delivered him once, He could surely do it again.  And God proved Himself faithful.

We, too, have a history of deliverance.  For those of us who are saved, we can declare that, by God's grace, we have been delivered from the penalty of sin.  We have been delivered from difficult circumstances throughout our lives.  At times, God has even delivered us from messes of our own making.  Why?  Because He is good, and He loves us.

 It is in His very nature to be protective of His children and to always do what is in their best interest.

Whatever you are facing today—whether physical or spiritual, emotional or mental, relational or financial—remember that God is your deliverer.  He's gotten you out of tight spots before, and He can do so again.  While you may not see His hand at work now, if you'll look carefully, I guarantee you'll see His heart.  

Don't trust in your own strength or abilities, but rather believe in the character of God.

 He is the great Deliverer, and He will deliver you!