Who Do You Think I Am? - Our Rock

The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. - Psalm 18:2

As you can see, there are several titles for God in this one verse, and we will cover them all one at a time, beginning today with "our rock."

As a regular hiker, I have seen my fair share of rocks. Yes, I have encountered small rocks, big rocks, round rocks, flat rocks and rocks that resemble the face of a man. When I think of rocks, several elements come to mind.

First off, I think of the sturdiness that rocks provide. In certain weather and on particular trails, I welcome the sturdy grip of the soles of my shoes against the rugged rocks. The rocks provide the traction and stability that soft earth cannot offer.

Secondly, I think of the many rocks that have been precisely placed as stepping stones for crossing streams and creeks. On many occasions, these rocks provide a bridge for hikers to cross safely, not to mention dryly. Though the walkway can be precarious at times, it sure beats wading through the water (been there, done that--no fun!).

Lastly, I think of safety and shelter. Many rocks form an outcropping which provides a place of shelter against winds and storm. Should the need arise, I know that I could crawl into the crevice of the rocks and be protected from the harsh elements that surround me, and there have been occasions where I thought I might have to do just that. Again, no fun!

With these three thoughts alone, is it any wonder that our great God can be referred to as a rock? He is our strength and stability when we have lost our footing. He is the bridge that leads us from the dark side of our circumstances into the light. And He is our shelter from the storms of life. No matter what comes our way, we can stand firm in the knowledge that God is our immovable rock. He will not fail us, and He will not let our feet slip.