Whitewater Rafting, Part One - A Repost

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to take our youth group whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River. Wow! That was an experience. To be honest, I learned a lot of interesting things during that trip. In fact, the next few blog entries will be lessons that are related to whitewater rafting. It will be a series of sorts.

Today, I'd just like to tell you a little about the trip. If you've never been whitewater rafting, there are a few things you should know.

1. No matter how warm the day is, the water is FREEZING!

2. It is impossible to stay dry, and unfortunately, your bottom gets soaked the most often. (Don't worry though. It becomes numb very quickly.)

3. Whitewater rafting does not work only your arms. It works every muscle in your body. (I know this because when I woke up Sunday morning, every muscle in my body was crying. They're still whimpering today, but it's getting better.)

4. Sun + Water + Energy expended = SNORE!!!!!!!

5. The water is moving much faster than it appears, and if you try to walk in it, you will fall down.

6. The safest place to be is in the raft with the three strongest guys. (Yep, that's where I was!)

7. Even the experienced guides can get thrown out of the boat.

8. If the rafting doesn't kill you, your life jacket will. They cinch those things so tight that every breath is a true effort.

9. When someone in your boat starts a water fight, expect to have a paddle full of water splashed into the back of your head as the boat shifts, putting you directly in the line of fire.

10. When your shorts get that wet, they become very heavy, so you may want to tighten your drawstring. (Don't ask!)

Well, that's all for today. Check back over the next week to find out what other valuable lessons I learned from whitewater rafting. I guarantee you'll be surprised!