The Treehouse Adventures of Nate-Nate & Maxie Dog: Gideon -- A Book Review

About the Book:

Gideon is the first book in a series - The Treehouse Adventures of Nate Nate and Maxie Dog. A boy and his best friend sail off on an imaginary journey unencumbered by space and time to find biblical heroes. They meet an old storyteller who weaves a stunning tale and before long they learn they are players within the story.



About the Author:

Thank you for taking the time to look at this book. About 10 years ago, God gave me the name and idea of this book series. I got my pen and pad out and started writing. However, as I started, doubt crept in and I found excuses of why I could not write. As I got busy with life, I slowly forgot about the word that God had spoken to me. One night as I was sleeping, God gave me another word--it was a kind word but one that had a purpose...WRITE! So this time, I listened and now you are enjoying this series. I pray that this book will be as much of a blessing to your family as it has been to mine.

My Review:

What an adorable tale!  The tale of Gideon is probably one of my favorite Bible stories (although I have many), and the author does a fantastic job of telling the story in a language that young ones can understand.  The way he interlaces Nate-Nate's imaginary journey into the tale of Gideon is inspiring and leaves the reader wanting more.  I, for one, felt as if I were transported back in time to my childhood where anything was possible within the realms of my imagination.  What I love best about the story is that, even though it is told from a child's perspective, there are valuable life lessons for adults about trusting God even when things don't make sense.  We all need to be reminded of that truth from time to time.

The illustrations are remarkable and truly bring the story to life.  The colors are bold and vibrant, capturing the attention of both children and adults.  They enhance the story with their vivid details.

The only negative I found within the book was that there were several small grammatical errors, but I can attest that they were not so blaring that they distracted from the story itself.  In fact, most people probably won't even notice them, but as a fellow author, it's part of my job and nature to pick up on those things.  Heaven knows I make enough of them myself!

All in all, I found this to be a touching and exciting story, and I highly recommend it as a tool for teaching young ones about the truths found in God's Word.