What's In Your Hand? - A Repost

And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? and he said, A rod.
— Exodus 4:2

When Moses went to God with his complaints about his mission, God didn't laugh or argue. He merely asked Moses a question: "What is in your hand?" I can picture the dumbfounded look on Moses' face as he stares at his staff and answers, "A rod." God's response? "Then use it." And Moses did. He used it to part the Red Sea. He used it to draw water from the rock. He used it in a demonstration before Pharaoh. Over and over again, Moses used the rod, and through it, God did mighty things.

David had only a sling in his hand as he hurled himself toward the mighty Goliath. Yet because he was willing to use what he had, a great victory was won.

When Jesus questioned the disciples about food for feeding the hungry thousands, all they had to bring before him was one little boy's lunch. But because they were willing to take it forward, the hungry were fed, the disciples were amazed, and the Lord was glorified.

What about you? What do you have in your hand? What talent or gift are you holding onto that you could be using for the Lord? And please don't say, "I can't do anything. I'm not talented." That's not true. Everyone can do something!!!! Gifts and talents don't reside only in the ability to sing, play an instrument, or play a sport. There are many varieties of gifts. Are you a leader? Good at organizing? A listener? An encourager? A hard worker? A cook? A cleaner? A letter writer?

God has given each of us at least one skill that we can use to bring glory and honor to his name. If we'll take what's in our hands and use it for Him, I guarantee we'll be amazed at the results. If He can work miracles through a rod, a sling, and a lunch, just imagine what he can do with your gift!