You Can't Do It Naked by Kim M. Snyder -- A Book Review

About the Book: 


Do you struggle with depression or anxiety, have relationship difficulties, or are you consumed with negative thoughts of self-worth or fears?

Are you tired of fighting the same emotional battles over and over?

Do these struggles leave you feeling frustrated, exhausted, and defeated?


What if I told you there is a scheme designed to distract you from overcoming, and this deception keeps you from becoming empowered and having an abundant life?

The battle is spiritual; so are the weapons, and you can’t fight your enemy unprotected.


- Identify the real enemy and expose the schemes you are truly fighting

- Transform yourself into a powerful emotional warrior

- Teach you how to become fully clothed in the armor of God

- Teach you how to live in freedom and abundance

- Teach you what you are truly fighting


Exchange your emotional struggles for a life of freedom, empowerment and abundance!

About the Author:

After years of being a licensed professional counselor, Kim has discovered a powerful method of counseling to move clients quickly from struggle to abundance. Encouraged to write a book exposing the real enemy and root of people’s struggles, Kim hopes this book will help and encourage others to become clothed in victory and conquerors over their own emotional battles.

Kim received her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Kim has a private practice called “The Power in Parenting,” where she helps individuals overcome emotional struggles to become empowered warriors, fully clothed in the Armor of God.

Kim is a wife, mother, and grandmother, collecting many life experiences along the way.

Kim is also an author and public speaker.

To learn more about Kim Snyder, MS, LPC, or her webinars, speaking schedule, or counseling, please visit her website at

My Review:

If you're looking for a book to increase your knowledge about spiritual warfare, look no further.  With its shocking title, You Can't Do It Naked peaks the reader's interest from the very beginning and carries it through until the last page.  What I enjoyed most about the book was that Snyder went beyond simply naming and explaining the pieces of the armor of God.  She described the battle that we're in, the enemy we face and even the battleground on which we are fighting.  Reading through the book was like attending a spiritual boot camp.

I also enjoyed Snyder's B.E.A.R. acronym, which stands for Beliefs, Emotions, Actions, Results.  This gives the reader an easy-to-remember guideline for standing guard against the enemy.  If he can cause us to believe something that isn't true, our emotions will be adversely affected.  This then carries over into our actions and the results of those actions.  It's a process, and if we can remember that and be wary about what we believe, we will be able to stop the devil in his tracks.

Overall, I found this a very enjoyable and educational read, and I highly recommend it.