Where Do You Go?

Once in a while, everyone needs an escape from the nasty now-and-now.  Let's face it, when the Bible says, Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble (Job 14:1), it isn't kidding.  Life is hard.  It seems that we get bounced from one problem to another, and sometimes, it's easy to get weary in well-doing.

That's when it's nice to be able to get away for a day of rest and relaxation.  Some fun in the sun.  A hike through nature.  A day inside buried in a favorite book or playing your favorite video game.  Yes, if we're honest, I think we'd all admit to the need to escape "real life" every now and then.

However, escape can become a problem.  While it's normal and even healthy to enjoy the occasional retreat from life's demands and difficulties, it is both abnormal and unhealthy to constantly be seeking an escape.  It is possible to get to the point where we find life so tedious and discouraging that we spend more time escaping life than we do living it.  But what's even worse is that we can become so used to avoiding life that it becomes our default setting to dealing with our struggles.  Instead of running to the Lord, we run away.  Away from Him.  Away from life's demands.  Away from family obligations.  Away to our chosen place (or places) of escape.

Again, I am not bashing downtime.  There's nothing wrong with watching television, reading a book, playing a video game, indulging in a hobby or any other healthy habit that reduces stress and makes us happy.  But we must be careful not to allow those things to take the place of God.  He is our Comforter.  He is our Joy.  He is the Problem Solver.  When life gets us down, rather than running away to our escape zones, we need to run to Jesus.  Only He can settle our hearts and nurture our souls.  The other things may offer temporary relief, but only Jesus can give us lasting help and hope.

I know life can be trying, and sometimes you may feel like you just have to get away.  I understand.  I really do.  But before you fly off to points unknown, please take a few minutes to give the problem to Jesus.  Invite Him to be the Solution.  Who knows?  Maybe after spending a little time with Him, you'll find that you can enjoy your favorite activities just for the joy of doing them and not for the need of escape.

Jesus has the answer.  H isthe answer!   Don't run away from Him.  He wants to help you today.

Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. - Psalm 55:22