Don't Postpone Life

I don’t even know why I bother to make plans. It seems I’m never able to follow through with them. Take, for example, our Thanksgiving weekend. The plan was to have Thanksgiving lunch with Jason’s parents on Thursday and then an afternoon hike with our dog, Mitch. But somehow time got away from us in the morning, and we arrived an hour later than planned, which left us with an inadequate amount of time to take the dog for a hike. (Let me tell you, Mitch was not happy about it.)

On Friday, Jason had a few morning jobs, but then we were going to get our Christmas tree. For the past several years, we’ve waited so long to get our tree that, when we finally did, the pickings were pretty slim.  We intended not to make the same mistake this year; however, because Mitch didn’t get out on Thursday, we found it necessary to take him out on Friday instead of getting the tree.  No problem, we thought, we’ll just get the tree Saturday morning before we go over to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday evening, after plans for a hike had already been made, Jason received a notification that he had to work Saturday morning. So, Saturday morning after he worked, we got ready and went over to my parents for Thanksgiving. We didn’t leave there until nearly 7 o’clock, so obviously, there was no getting a tree at that point. So, we devised a plan to get one on Sunday afternoon in between church services. 

Unfortunately, Jason awoke with a terrible head cold on Sunday morning, and while we did make it to both church services, he did not feel up to going out in the afternoon to look for a Christmas tree. And so, the area that I set up for our tree several days ago remains empty, and I’ve decided not to try to make any more arrangements for a day when we can get our tree. At this point, I guess we’ll get it when we get it.

Life has a way of setting us on a permanent cycle of postponement. We have plans and dreams, but it seems that they are always one day away. Many times, these situations are out of our control, and all we can do is trust God and His perfect timing. However, there are times when we unconsciously choose to postpone living our lives in exchange for staying in our comfort zones. We see the possibilities ahead of us, and while they are desirable, they're also a bit scary, so we hold back. And alas, our tomorrows never come.

Every day is a gift from God, and I pray that we will treat each day as such—that we will live each day to its fullest. May we not put off till tomorrow the things that we should accomplish today. May we not postpone our dreams for a brighter existence. May we do our best to live in the moment and to glean every ounce of joy we can get out of the time we are given. Take nothing for granted. Don’t postpone life!

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. - Psalm 118:24