Who Told You? by Guy Right

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Who Told You That You Are Naked? 
Genesis 3:11: Live Without the Bondage of Sickness and Suffering (Unveiling Biblical Truths) by Guy Right 

There is a Grace Revolution sweeping the world—the return to the New Covenant of grace as unveiled in the Bible. The Bible says that if we must work for grace, then grace is not grace.  Grace says that God is for you and not against you. If God is for you, then you will walk out of the valley of the shadow of death because a shadow cannot harm you.

While grace is completely free, it still must be received. Misconceptions about God make it hard to receive grace. How can you be sure that God will help you if you believe that God gives and God takes away or that you came into the world naked and leave the same way? These thoughts are not from God. Where did they come from?

Who told you that you were naked? Why did God ask Adam and Eve this question? God rested from all His work on the seventh day, but as soon as Adam ate the forbidden fruit, God went back to work. The first thing He did was to make tunics for Adam and Eve. When Jesus was crucified, the soldiers divided His clothes among them, but for His tunic they had to cast lots. What is the significance of the tunic?

Is the naked truth about your sins and failures disqualifying you from God’s grace? Are you suffering and in pain? Are you desperate? Then you need to know that only the unworthy qualify for God’s grace. If you need to receive God’s help, then the Bible truths in this book will help you to change your mind about God and position you to receive the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Current reviews excerpts: 

Who Told You That You Are Naked is a profound read, casting light on areas that can be hard to understand. The concepts of law and grace, curse and redemption, and Satan versus God in the Garden of Eden are explored. Even Job’s sufferings are explained in a way that is satisfying. As a Christian, I had always struggled with that particular book and why Job suffered so much. - Lorilyn Roberts 

Another Amazon reviewer - In my 50 plus years of studying God's word I have never had anyone line up the facts so succinctly to make the entirety of the Bible have a relevance that repeats itself over and over; it just blew my head wide open. 

Blessed Mom on Amazon wrote:…a must read for believers (and nonbelievers). Find out the truth about the character of God and His purpose for mankind. You will not be the same after learning these truths straight from the Word of God. 

And many more positive reviews on Amazon. 

Author Bio: 

Guy Right is an investment professional in commercial real estate in the USA. He provides investment strategy and solutions to institutional clients globally. He is married and has five children. Although a Christian for decades, he had limited knowledge of the power of the Gospel of Grace. When beset with work and health problems, the author could have perished if not for God’s deliverance. It was through listening to Bible studies and the preaching on the New Covenant of grace that the author discovered what the privilege of being a child of God truly meant. God’s Grace turned the author’s life around in every area while building a genuinely intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. This book was written to answer the cries of people in despair, people who know God but feel powerless in the face of tremendous adversity and suffering.

Who Told You? is available as an ebook and also as a print book (soon) Free for two days only: September 3-4, 2016

Disclaimer:  I have not yet had the opportunity to read this book, so I cannot vouch for its contents.  Please do not consider this post as an endorsement for the book.  Perhaps after I have read it, I can do another post to review it.