Best of the Best Series: Fighting on My Knees

The older I get, the more I realize that every day brings with it at least one battle.  Naturally, there's the fight against this old, wicked flesh.  In addition to that, there are health battles, financial battles, relationship battles (and I'm not just talking about the husband/wife kind, though those are prone to happen as well from time to time), battles with balance and too many more to name.  Each day presents me with a list of both opportunities to pursue and battles to face.  I've come to understand that's just the way it is in this life.

But you know what else I've discovered?  I fight best when I'm on my knees.  No, seriously, when I fight the battles on my knees, I am always victorious.  When I try to face them on my own two feet, on the other hand, I always fail.  While this phenomenon may seem odd, the success rate of this "knee fighting" is due to the method itself and what it entails.  Allow me to walk you through my version of fighting on my knees.

It begins on my knees in worship.  Kneeling prostrate at the feet of Jesus, I shower Him with praise for Who He is and what He's done.  I recognize His many blessings in my life and thank Him for the way He has worked in each circumstance.  Additionally, I thank Him for what He is about to do in my life, knowing that He is always working for my good.  In this state of worship, I acknowledge Jesus as my Lord and Savior and offer praise for His great sacrifice on the cross.  And sometimes I simply weep due to His great grace and mercy.

The next phase involves prayer.  Whether physically or symbolically on my knees, I realize that I can do nothing without the power of God in my life, and it is here that I gain access to that power.  The position of my physical body is not important, but the position of my heart certainly is.  It is still bowed before God, humble in His almighty presence.  During this time, I alternate between talking and listening.  I pour out my heart, then listen for God's response to my cries.  I ask questions and heed His answers.  Whether loud or quiet, I can rest assured that He always hears, and with this knowledge, I gain strength to face the oncoming day and the battles it holds.

Before rising, there is one last thing I must do.  Bowing at the feet of my Master, I surrender everything I have to Him.  My life.  My will.  My desires.  My expectations.  My actions and attitudes.  Everything!  With every ounce of humility I can muster, I admit that I am not the one in charge of my life and that it is not even, in fact, my life.  It is His to use as He wills.  I beg my Lord to empty me of myself and my own ambitions and to fill me with His spirit, to arm me for the battles that await.  And with a smile, I leave myself behind, rise to my feet and go to war, armed with the power of God.  How can I be defeated?

Perhaps you have your own version of fighting on your knees, or maybe this is a new concept for you.  Whatever the case, I hope you are encouraged that, even though each day brings about new battles, you are guaranteed victory if you're fighting on your knees.  Daniel found that victory.  So did David and the three Hebrew children.  And Joshua.  And so many more, including Jesus Himself.  Think about it, what was Jesus doing when the mob captured him and ultimately led Him to Calvary?  He was praying in the garden.  He was fighting the battle on His knees.  And in the end, He won!

We can too, but only if we're fighting in the proper stance.  You can try standing on your own two feet if you want to, but as for me, I've learned my lesson.  I'm staying right here on my knees!

 The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? - Psalm 118:6