God Makes Music From Our Trash

It's astounding to me how two men looked upon a giant landfill and saw the potential for instruments for an entire orchestra of children who knew nothing about life other than how to survive.  Everyone else looked on that same landfill and saw only trash.  They looked upon those same children and saw only misfits.  But these two men had a vision far beyond what their eyes could see, and because of their dedication to make music out of trash, the Landfillharmonic Orchestra was born.  What an awesome story!

But you know, God does the same thing day after day.  Not only does He turn sinners into saints, but He also has a knack for taking our messy, impossible situations and turning them into beautiful music.  Just this morning, I sent e-mails to a couple of friends describing some positive things that have taken place in my life over the past few weeks, in spite of--or perhaps even because of--negative events.  God works in mysterious ways, and I cannot even begin to explain to you how He takes the ugliest circumstances--the trash of our lives--and turns them into beautiful melodies that float on the breeze of peace and contentment.  It makes no sense to me, but I can attest to the fact that it is true.  No matter how bad the situation may be, God can turn it into something spectacular.

We're quick to quote Romans 8:28 because it's often our "go-to" script when we're feeling overwhelmed by life.  But sometimes I feel it's become too familiar and that we no longer really have a grasp on what that precious verse is telling us.  It's not just saying that things are going to be okay.  It's saying that things are going to be better than okay.  It's a promise that God will always turn our trash into music so that we will never be without a song.

I urge you to let that sink in today.  No matter what you're facing or how dark the valley may seem, you can rest in the knowledge and confidence that God is at work this very moment, doing what He does best--turning trash into music.  Hang in there!  Your instrument is almost ready.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. - Romans 8:28