Wait! This Doesn't Look Right!

Have you ever been on a trip in unfamiliar territory and taken a wrong turn?  It's funny.  At first, everything seems normal.  We're simply driving along, doing our best to follow the directions we've been given.  But before long, even though we're not familiar with the area, doubt starts to wriggle around in the back of our minds and we find ourselves saying, "Wait, this doesn't look right?"

Crazy, isn't it?  How could we possibly know what "right" looks like if we've never been down that road?  But, in our minds, something causes us to examine our surroundings and come to the conclusion that we must have missed a turn somewhere.  What we see doesn't mesh with the sketchy directions and details we've been given, so we turn around and go back, hoping to find where we got off track.  Sometimes, our doubts pay off, and we discover that we actually did miss a turn.  Sometimes, though, we waste all that time, effort and gas only to find out that we were going the right way after all, and then we have to retrace our steps (or tire tracks, as the case may be).

Life can be the same way.  Sometimes we'll be walking along down the path we've been assigned, but then suddenly, doubt creeps in and we find ourselves saying, "Wait, this doesn't look right!"  Perhaps the way is darker than we anticipated, or maybe the constant turns have us wondering if we aren't simply chasing our own tails, destined to end up back where we started.  For whatever reason, there are seasons in life that cause us to stop and wonder if we've missed a turn somewhere.

"Lord, did I miss something?"

"Am I still in your will?"

"Am I still going the right direction, Lord?  I mean, you did promise joy and peace, and well, if you don't mind my saying so, this road is hardly joyful or peaceful.  In fact, it's downright bumpy and unpleasant."

The more we examine our spiritual surroundings, the more we're convinced that the path doesn't look right.  But again I must question, how do we know what "right" looks like if we've never been down the road?  No, it may not look like we're going the right way, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we're not.  The destination we're seeking may be right around that next corner or just over the rise, but we'll never know if we turn back.

Just as with the car trip, there may be occasions where we do, in fact, miss a turn in our spiritual journey, but more often than not, the road that we're traveling is the right one.  It just may not be what we were expecting.

If you find yourself "lost" spiritually, wondering if you've missed a turn somewhere, I urge you to seek God's face.  Ask for direction and clarification.  But once you have it, keep going and don't turn back, even if the way doesn't look right.  After all, who are we to determine what's right?  The Father has promised to lead and guide us, and He will ensure that we get where we need to go.  Maybe we would do better to stop studying our surroundings and start studying our Savior.  With our eyes on Him, we'll never go astray.  He is the ultimate GPS--God Positioning System!

Man's goings are of the Lord; how can a man then understand his own way? - Proverbs 20:24