Will You Carry Me?

A few days ago, I saw the cutest commercial.  It began with a scruffy, little dog--with his back leg in a full cast--hobbling along behind his master.  As he made his way down the sidewalk, dogs of all shapes and sizes ran past him.  He stopped at the park and looked longingly at the dogs that ran, played and wrestled with their owners.  Then he turned and looked at his master with a look that said, "Seriously, dude?  This is not fair!"  (Yes, I speak "dog."  It's just one of my many talents.  Just kidding!)

Anyway, back to the commercial.  At the point where the poor dog gave his master "the look," the guy pulled out his phone, opened up his Amazon app and placed an order.  The next thing the viewer sees is the owner strolling down the sidewalk with the scruffy, little dog nestled securely in a carrier that is attached to the owner's chest.  Both master and dog are happy and content.  It really is an adorable commercial.  I love it!

But what I love even more than the commercial itself is the lesson of which it reminds me.  There have been many times I've been just like that scruffy, little dog (well, maybe not the "scruffy" part).  There have been days when all I could do was hobble along.  There were times when I looked on longingly at those who dashed past me with the health and energy that I could only dream of.  And yes, there have even been times when I've looked to the Master and said, "Seriously, Lord?  This is not fair."  Yep, I can certainly relate to the plight of the poor pup.

Fortunately, I can also relate to the Master's care and concern.  Aware of my injuries and my failing strength, the Master lifted me up into the comfort of His bosom and carried me.  He brought me up from the low places and made it where I could keep going, despite my halting step.  Nestled safely in that embrace of grace, I found a different viewpoint, a new perspective.  Things looked so much better from that vantage point, and the fact that I was moving again brought a smile to my lips.  You could say that both the Master and I were happy and content.

Are you limping along today wondering if you'll ever make it through?  Do you stare at others, longing for the freedom and energy they seem to enjoy?  If so, don't forget that your Master knows all about it.  He sees your need.  He knows your failings and your frustrations.  He also knows that you can't make it alone, and He is ready and willing to carry you.  All you need to do is ask.

Don't stumble around any longer.  Ask the Master for help, and then allow Him to lift you up into that precious embrace of grace.  From there, the whole world seems brighter, and your steps are certainly lighter.  God longs to carry you through this day and every day to come.  The question is, will you let Him?

He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. - Isaiah 40:11