I would like to share with you a comical conversation Jason and I had on our way home from church Sunday morning.

Jason (the driver), laying his head back against the headrest:  "Wake me up when we get home."

Me (the passenger):  "Um, no!  Sorry, I don't like that arrangement."

Jason (in his pitiful voice):  "But I'm sleepy."

Me:  "Then pull over and let me drive."

Jason:  "But you don't like to drive."

Me:  "But I'd rather drive than be the passenger whose driver is asleep at the wheel."

After a few giggles (we were both really tired from the long, busy weekend), the conversation ended, but my thoughts did not.  Over and over again the last phrase I uttered came back to me, and I wondered if perhaps that's why I keep trying to "take the wheel" in my spiritual life.  Could it be that I'm always trying to take control because I feel that the Lord is asleep at the wheel?

Psalm 121:4 makes it clear, Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.  So, deep down, I know that God isn't asleep.  I know in my heart that He has never fallen asleep on the job.  But sometimes He seems so very far away and so quiet that I find myself doubting what I know to be true.  And in those times, I have the same reaction that I had with Jason on Sunday.  No, I don't really want to drive, but I'd rather drive than be the passenger when the driver is asleep at the wheel.  So, I take control and immediately drive myself into a ditch.  Much better, huh?

My dear friend, if I could leave you with a single thought today, it is this:  Let God do the driving!  He is not asleep at the wheel even though it may seem like it.  He is not veering out of control even though the evidence may say otherwise.  He is not lost even though nothing around you looks familiar.  Please, just sit back and trust the Driver.  He will get you where you need to go.