The Chiropractor of the Soul

I had forgotten how much I love being able to get regular chiropractic adjustments.  I used to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis, and she did wonders for my joint troubles, but after a while, the cost became too great, and I simply couldn't afford it anymore.  Fortunately, we recently found a local chiropractor that does adjustments for only $10, and he's a Christian as well.  Awesome!

My first visit was one week ago when the chiropractor discovered that my collar bone was dislocated.   I cannot describe to you the relief that I've felt this past week with that problem righted.  On Tuesday, he set my left shoulder--the one that has a horrible case of bursitis.  Oh yeah, that feels better.  To be honest, I'm amazed at how the chiropractor knows exactly where and how much pressure to apply to make the bones slip back into place.  Just a turn here and a gentle twist there.  This one is a little more out of whack, so a little more pressure is applied, then voila!

And the result of a good adjustment is equally confounding.  When the bones first slip into place, there is immediate relief.  But after a few minutes, the muscles and nerves that had been affected by the misalignment start to throb and pull.  Sometimes they can pull to the point that they undo the adjustment, but usually, after a little while, the muscles and nerves start to settle in to the "new alignment" and the body feels much, much better than it did before the adjustment.

As I drove home from the chiropractor this morning, I found myself wishing that someone could adjust my attitude as easily as the chiropractor could adjust my spine.  But then, I realized that Someone can, and the process is very similar to a spinal adjustment.  In order for the Lord to adjust my attitude, the right amount of pressure must be applied to all the right spots in order to get things back in line.  At first, there is immediate relief, but then the throb and aches set in, which can threaten to undo the attitude adjustment I've just received.  But if I'll relax and allow things to settle, I feel much, much better than I did before the adjustment.

The key to an effective spinal adjustment is to relax and trust that the chiropractor knows what he is doing.  The key to an effective attitude adjustment is exactly the same.  Give it over to God.  Take a deep breath.  Then surrender yourself to the tender care of the Chiropractor of the soul.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. - Psalm 51:10