Too Politically Correct - Repost

I was in a Christian forum the other day when I came across a post from a guy who needed some help. He explained that he was feeling very distant from the Lord lately. He said that it seemed like the Lord had left him. He could no longer feel His presence or hear His voice. Then he made this statement: "I don't know what's going on. I've always been a Christian." Big red flag!!!!!! He went on to explain how his parents raised him in a Christian home and he's a really good person. That was enough for me.

I kindly replied to his post and asked if he could explain what he meant by his statement, "I've always been a Christian." I went on to kindly explain that one is not born a Christian, nor does one become a Christian by having Christian parents or by doing good works. Then, I proceeded to tell him what it truly means to be saved. I felt good as I pushed the "send" button. I felt like I might have had the opportunity to help someone who was truly in need. I was not expecting my post to be deleted.

Yep, deleted! By whom? The moderator of the forum. It seems that this particular forum is very strict about what can be posted. If a post is in any way argumentative or has the potential to hurt someone's feelings, it is deleted. At first, I was shocked. Then, I became angry.

"Hurt his feelings?" I complained to Jason. "I wasn't trying to hurt the guy's feelings. I was trying to make sure he wasn't trusting in the wrong things for salvation. I was trying to keep him from burning in hell for all eternity. But that's not important to them, is it? No, they want to keep this a happy confrontation-free place." (I was just a little angry, as you can tell!)

The truth is we need to stop worrying about hurting people's feelings and start telling people the truth. Our country is full of churches who act more like social clubs than houses of the Lord. They seem more interested in growing attendance, going on outings of all kinds, having fancy facilities, etc. What about the souls that are lost and on their way to hell? Why are we avoiding them? Because we don't want to hurt their feelings? We don't want them to be mad? We don't want them to think bad of us?

We're running out of time. I strongly believe we are in the last days. Jesus will return soon, and those who don't know Him will be left behind, to later be cast into the lake of fire. Will their blood be on our hands? It will be if we don't do our part. Frankly, I'm getting tired of all this "political correctness." How about you?
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