Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness by Candace Cameron Bure and Darlene Schacht

Candace Cameron Bure first became known to millions as a co-star on the hit ABC television series Full House. Today, like her brother Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains, Fireproof), she is the rare Hollywood actor who is outspoken about her Christian faith and how it helps overcome certain obstacles. 

Bure’s healthy lifestyle has been featured in US Weekly and People magazines as well as national talk shows including The View and NBC’s Today. In Reshaping It All, she continues the story, inspiring women to embrace a healthier lifestyle by moving faith to the forefront, making wise choices, and finding their worth in the eyes of God. Candace shares a candid account of her struggle with food and ultimately her healthy outlook on weight despite the toothpick-thin expectations of Hollywood. 

More than a testimony, here is a motivational tool that will put readers on the right track and keep them there. In addition to practical advice, Candace offers a biblical perspective on appetite and self control that provides encouragement to women, guiding them toward freedom. 

My Review:

I first came across this book several months ago and thought it sounded like something I needed to read, but with a pile of books that still needed to be read, I decided to wait. A few weeks ago, however, my husband surprised me with my very own copy. The crazy part is that he had no idea I had been looking at the book and waiting for the right time to add it to my collection. God was in this, and the timing was perfect.

This book was exactly what I needed at this time in my life.  With a renewed goal to adopt healthy habits and restore my health, I appreciated everything that Candace had to say.  She is forthright and completely honest about her own personal struggles with healthy eating habits and exercise.  Not only does she share her spiritual testimony, but she also gives the readers an insight into what can be accomplished with enough motivation and will-power.

Another thing that I appreciated about Reshaping It All is Candace's approach to a healthy lifestyle.  She does not push calorie counting, low-carb or low-fat diets or any kind of radical fasting.  Instead, she embraces the same attitude that I do about healthy eating.  No food is forbidden, but all food must be eaten in moderation, keeping in mind what we know about certain foods and our bodies reactions to them.  Moderation and mindset are the key, and that works for me and prevents me from feeling like I'm starving or being deprived of my favorite foods.

This book was an enjoyable read for me especially at this point in my life.  I was able to both laugh and cry as I made my way through the chapters, encouraged by the thought that if she could make it through, I can too.  That being said, I do want to caution you that you do not compare your own journey to better health to that of another person.  At first, I made this mistake, and before long, I was frustrated and confused.  I had read so many accounts of those who had completely turned their health around in just a couple of weeks.  Here I was a month into my healthy journey, and I had very little to show for it.  While I had lost a few pounds, my energy and overall well-being were still on the pitiful side.  This led me to thoughts of quitting.

What I realized just this morning, though, was that I can't compare my health journey to anyone else's because we're not traveling the same path.  My path is one that has been burdened down with a myriad of health issues for many years now.  It's not realistic to assume that all of those issues can be remedied within a couple of weeks, no matter how many healthy habits I've adopted.  For me, the journey may take a little longer, but it will still be worth it.  Depending on where you're starting from and how many health issues you're dealing with, your journey may take a little longer too.  Keep that in mind when reading this book or any other book on creating a new, healthy lifestyle.  Big changes take time.  Be patient.

If you are interested in improving your physical or spiritual health, this book is a great place to begin.  Read it.  Follow the advice.  Stay focused and motivated.  And whatever you do, don't give up.  The destination is worth whatever bumps you may face on the journey.